Duckomenta Takes Great Pop Art and Gives It an Avian Twist

 - May 17, 2011
References: duckomenta & blog.thaeger
The exhibits in Duckomenta will have you quacking up with their delightful duckified art pieces. And with parodies of famous works from Leonardo Da Vinci, Roy Lichtenstein and Vincent Van Gogh, Duckomenta will thrill even the toughest art aficionados with its refreshing takes on classics.

Inspired by Disney’s very own Donald Duck, the museum exhibit documents great pieces of human art and history, but re-imagines these images to include the iconic duck’s noggin. As such, you’ll find the notorious Che Guevara portrait a lot less revolutionary and a lot more facetious. And it’s only at Duckomenta that anyone can truly say that the expression on Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa portrait is a "duckface."

You can visit the Duckomenta exhibit in Germany at the Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum.