Childhood Snaps of Famous Faces Show Teen Angst is Universal

 - Jan 30, 2009
Seeing pictures of Hollywood celebrities when he or she was a snotty little child or a geeky and annoying pimpled tween makes me think that these children had no clue that they would grow up to become superstars known the world over, mercilessly hounded by paparazzi day and night.

Indeed, these snaps reveal the more human side of these modern superstars. Kate Moss suddenly becomes more of an everyday woman when you see that she too was a gangly, awkward teen. Some of the photos also show the natural hair color of stars such as Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan before their high-powered makeovers.

But hair color aside, seeing these celebrity mugs is more entertaining to me than reading about Kate Moss’ shenanigans or Lindsay Lohan’s crazy stunts.