Adriano Alves Mashes References from All Corners of Media

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: & blog.thaeger
These Adriano Alves illustrations are a pop culture junkie’s delight as they reference anything from music, films, celebrities and video games and really put viewers’ knowledge of mainstream and obscure media to the test. With images of Disney’s Buzz Lightyear singing an R. Kelly song or the zombies from Michael Jackson’s Thriller facing off against the special agents from Resident Evil, Alves’ creations truly are a cornucopia of all things pop culture.

Also noteworthy of Adriano Alves’ work is the various styles he employs to render each image. Though most illustrations are basic and cartoony, some use more refined techniques like his poster for Captain America recast with Pokemon or his depiction of a female whose hair is entirely comprised of wonderful toys, games and gadgets.

Did I forget to mention how hilarious each one of his illustrations are?