From Modern Boho Beachwear to Tribal Gypsy Shoots

 - Dec 8, 2012
Bohemian features are becoming a major part of mainstream culture.

In the past, bohemia was limited to select groups of people and now with the introduction and popularization of boho chic fashions and lifestyles it has turned into a craze. Bohemian aesthetics that include feathers, whimsical dresses, gypsy-inspired looks and fringed bags are now everywhere. Go into almost any store and you will find bohemian influenced merchandise from clothes to accessories. The bohemian lifestyle is about embracing a carefree and free-flowing life. It used to be viewed as unorthodox, but it has now become conventional and integrated into everyday appearances.

Bohemian features can be found in the form of editorials, photography, merchandise and more.