The Julia Saner Grey#5 Issue Gives You Heavenly Fur-Clad Couture

From the beautiful city of Rome comes this luxurious shoot for the Grey #5 issue that is sure to get hearts melting.

Shot by Camille Vivier, Julia Saner takes the viewer straight to the streets of Rome. With her scintillating smokey eyes and bedroom tousles, this beauty rocks a Fendi collection like it's nobody's business. With fuzzy fur wrapped around her petite figure and sky-rocketing pumps on her feet, Julia effortlessly becomes the highlight of this shoot.

Elegance and panache have a way of sweeping the reader's attention, and nothing does so better than the Julia Saner Grey#5 Magazine issue. This shoot shows luxury at its finest, and stylist Valentina Ilardi Martin makes sure that Julia exudes charm with ease.