The 'This Place is Your Space' Editorial is Casual and Carefree

The 'This Place is Your Space' editorial captures the urban bohemian. Shot in a candid light for fifth issue of LoveWant Magazine, models Hannah Holman, Julia Nobis, Zippora Seven, Alexandra Richards and Sojourner Morrell roam around city streets in a playful and carefree manner. Clad in casual, billowing outfits bedecked with vintage-inspired accessories, their youthful outlook will inspire readers to let loose and have some free-spirited fun this summer season.

Shot by Australian photographer Cara Stricker, the This Place is Your Space editorial is filled with lo-fi images, which captures the mood of the photoshoot perfectly. It was styled by Zara Mirkin. Showing off a lighter side of fashion, Mirkin put together outfits teeming with simple tees and inspired by lingerie. Tousled locks and natural faces on all the girls perfect the looks.