From Gritty Urban Chick Editorials to Lady Bikers

 - Jun 28, 2012
Eyes will happily feast on these lavishly leather-clad ladies and gents draped in boldly beautiful biker-chic fashion. Biker styles have always held a warm place in the hearts of fashion-lovers; the rebellious fashion pieces and this collection further cement their place. Continually, fashion designers are reworking rebellious 1950s-inspired styles, when the biker wave first began, in fashion editorials, photoshoots and up-coming clothing collections.

Notable fashion designers are bringing rebelliousness into the mainstream, capitalizing on the need and demand for non-conformist attitudes and attire. Shift into the realm of rebelliousness with sharply studded leather jackets, thigh-high booties, bold statement makeup designs and of course, fiercely fast motorcycles.

Avid bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts and overall disobedient souls will be revving to adorn themselves in these grungy biker-chic fashion that glamorize grittiness.