The Vogue Italia August 2011 Editorial Features Classic Outcast Gangs

Reminiscent of the T-birds from the movie Grease, this Vogue Italia August 2011 editorial is a classic and gritty take on adolescent outcasts.

Photography Phil Poynter captures models Codie Young and Caterina Ravaglia as they hang out in cafes and parking lots with their gaggle of fellow motorcyclists. The monochromatic palette also adds to the classically gritty look of all the images.

Click through the Vogue Italia August 2011 photo shoot to see how bad can look so good.

Implications - No longer looking for delicate designs, modern-day consumers are attracted to darker styles. Products with a grittier aesthetic appeal to those shoppers who want to stray away from the clean-cut look. Companies could push for more of these unconventional items in order to attract more attention.