- Aug 26, 2017
These August 2017 luxury trends include everything from androgynous fashion editorials, to personal helicopters for wealthy commuters.

Also featured are a few variations of high-end fidget spinners, such as the 'Italian Spinner' which is plated in authentic gold and comes in a total of 45 different combinations. Another anti-distraction device that's featured in these August 2017 luxury trends are the 'Caviar' fidget spinners, which range in price from $250 to $16,855 due to the rare and durable materials that they're made from.

Consumers who are looking to indulge during their travels are likely to appreciate the special suite in Tokyo's Shangri-La which was created in partnership with Krug Champagne. Guests who decide to stay in the so-called 'Krug Suite' are offered a six-course dinner with a custom soundtrack, which comes complete with an array of different champagnes that're available in unlimited quantities.

From 90s-Inspired Designer Fashion to Truffle-Infused Mud Masks: