Appartement 103's Hennessy X.O Design Highlights New Tasting Notes

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: appartement103 & foodbev
Hennessy X.O is an iconic cognac that comes in an equally iconic bottle, so in honor of the leading spirit producer unveiling new drink fusions for the X.O, it hired design agency Appartement 103 to rethink its packaging. The results are bottle, box, and tumbler designs that subtly yet irrefutably highlight the new tasting notes that have arisen thanks to Hennessy's combinations.

There are four new Hennessy X.O fusions — X.O on Three Rocks, X.O Diamond, X.O on a Tea Rock, and X.O Over Crushed Ice — each of which makes use of ice. To accentuate that new ingredient, Appartement 103 designed its limited-edition X.O bottle with unique colors and finishes ranging from smooth matte black to frosted silver and textured gold foil. The designers left the cognac bottle's shape intact, however, keeping that form as the common visual touchpoint.