In Honor of the Anna Dello Russo H&M Collection

 - Sep 7, 2012
In honor of the soon to be released Anna Dello Russo H&M collection, these Vogue Japan features highlight the exquisite taste of the publication's editor at large.

Vogue Japan is a magazine known for pushing boundaries in terms of what is deemed acceptable in the fashion world, and fascinates readers around the world each month. With an eclectic editor like Anna Dello Russo behind the publication, it's no surprise that the magazine gets so much attention. Often the magazine with the wackiest photo shoots, edgiest stars and most outrageous fashion pieces, readers never know what to expect from Vogue Japan. Though every edition of Vogue can be considered a success, this particular publication stands apart in terms of innovation.

Sure to keep astonishing fashion lovers globally, Vogue Japan has never been hotter.