The Vogue Japan 'The Party Begins At Sunrise' Photoshoot is Original

The June 2012 Vogue Japan 'The Party Begins At Sunrise' photoshoot is markedly eccentric. In the series, the Belarus-born model Maryna Linchuk is found at oddball overpasses, towering over blue bodies of water and teams of lavish sail boats. Linchuk is also found wielding an assortment of eclectic props, the most odd of which are lemon wedges and a retro orange-hued rotary dial phone.

The Party Begins At Sunrise editorial was taken by photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. Ferrari has managed to capture an array of bright and in-your-face ensembles here, all of which were expertly picked by stylist Giovanna Battaglia. Linchuk mastered the bridge theme with ease, making the spread appear glamorous, playful and notably strange all at the same time.