The Vogue Japan A Cut Above Editorial Showcases Comfy Couture

The Vogue Japan A Cut Above editorial showcases massively oversized coats in bold shades.

This fashion story juxtaposes minimalism with plus sized silhouettes. The white setting provides the perfect background for this spread as all attention is focused on the forward-thinking designs of each outerwear creation. The imaginative tailoring of this piece gives model Monika Sawicka a cartoonish flair that embodies the very spirit of playful Japanese fashion.

The bulbuous coats were captured by photographer by Mark Segal. Japanese Comme des Garçons, known for its fantastical designs, is the label behind these boundary pushing garment creations. With this October 2012 story, Vogue Japan celebrates its local designers by showcasing the very DNA that makes them one of the most modernist publications.