Vogue Nippon Picks Exotic Accessories for Summer 2009

 - Aug 3, 2009
References: vogue.co.jp
In Asia’s fashion capital Tokyo, the focus is on exotic accessories this summer according to Vogue Nippon (Vogue Japan).

One cool idea offered by Tokyo-based jewelry boutique SIRI SIRI’s Arabesque collection is rattan-made earrings. You wouldn’t believe the material used to make reclining chairs is capable of being shaped into something flexible and delicate enough to go with your daily look.

If you love attention, the big, stunning, metallic flower-shaped rattan ring is a great choice. Provided by the design house Yoshiko Creation Paris, Vogue Nippon suggests only women with adventurous spirits could handle its charm.

Barney’s New York decided to woo Japanese girls, or their purses, through the La Soeur necklace collection which is only available in its Tokyo operation. The fragile golden chain, along with the blue-hued stones, bring you a sense of coolness.