From Manipulated Andro-Hipster Portraits to Boyish Beauty Spreads

 - Dec 9, 2011
While the fast-moving fashion world has opened up to several varying styles, patterns and designs, it's the androgynous shoots that are gaining momentum and taking the world by storm.

The fine lines that distinguish both genders are blurring and many are applauding the new taste in fashion couture. Feminine couture is being carried away by more male-centric appeal with rocker-boy shirts and short hair that makes for a savvy street-style look. From Karl Lagerfeld's hot twosome tango shoot for Numero magazine to suited androgynous shoots, the transcending move into the next generation shifts society's views on gender and beauty.

Distinctive, edgy and powerful are three apt words that describe the realm of freedom of expression that the fashion and beauty industries are in today. The new gender-bending ads, editorials and campaigns are simply taking over.