The Leather Top Photo Shoot Exposes Male Skin and Female Style

The Leather Top editorial definitely doesn’t shy away from revealing everything. Shot for Ponystep FW 11/12, the photo shoot is definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to who’s baring it all.

Photographer Xevi Muntane captures models Noemie Lenoir as she dominates over Dylan Garner. While he is in the nude, she is fully dressed in various chic jackets. He has nothing to wear or cover himself with; only a small pink purse. The Leather Top editorial definitely challenges those media depictions of guys surrounded by half-naked women.

I don’t know about the guys out there, but I am loving the Leather Top shoot.

Implications - Only the most shocking images will get the attention of modern consumers. Designers attempting to enter the market could focus on this desire for pushing the limits.