Nikolay Pustavov Paints Males that Can Easily Work Fashion Runways

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: n-ili-n.livejournal &
Sure, many of the males in these Nikolay Pustavov paintings have soft and feminine features, but even when the Russian artist isn't painting androgynous subjects, there's one distinctive quality about his work: ambiance.

Each one of Nikolay Pustavov's watercolor creations is punctuated by a mood, set by the expressions on his subjects' faces as well as with the faded barely existent paints that he chooses to use. He captures feelings on paper and then transmits that feeling to viewers via their ocular senses and that's quite an impressive feat to accomplish.

My favorite piece by Nikolay Pustavov is the one featuring a girl whose hair and apparel are comprised of stars. Her surreal appearance is contrasted by the life-like rendering of an owl that's perched right beside her.