From Male Makeup to Sexless Models

 - Apr 18, 2012
The gender-bending theme has been rampant within the surge of fearless androgyny features. Magazine editorials, fashion lines and jewelry collections have all blurred the common distinctions made between male and female, offering milieus that stand somewhere in between. Many of these projects are double take-worthy, causing viewers to question the sex of the featured models, if there is any discernible sex at all.

Expertly tailored suits for women and glittery makeup for men are only some of the latest androgynous goods. There is a new fascination with denominational blurring, and these campaigns have proudly heralded this fascination, making no secret of the overall focus. The responsible designers and architects have demonstrated that men and women have much in common, proving that with the right amount of direction, the supposedly opposing sexes progressively resemble one another.