From Patriotic Outerwear Pictorials to Star-Spangled Berries

 - Nov 12, 2012
The theme of Americana influence can be picked up all around the world. Products and people are influenced by the history of America and examples can be found everywhere.

In times like the United States election and on holidays like the Fourth of July Americana parodies and merchandise can become overwhelming. The symbol of the American flag is notorious for being adorned on denim, baking and in art. The flag is a mere symbol to epitomize patriotism and exhibit passion and respect for American history and heritage. Americana spreads like wildfire because it gives people the sense they are a part of something and becoming a contributing member of the lineage. Americana inspiration can be chic and show off heritage simultaneously.

Americana influence is prevalent because America remains a force to be reckoned with. The merchandise and products made with Americana influence will cease to stop as holidays, events and special occasions emphasize Americana themes and people’s desire to be attached and associated with the rich culture and history of America.