The Giorgia Zanellato 'Space Food' Series is Out of This World

In the Giorgia Zanellato 'Space Food' series, the expectations for astronaut meals is changes from vacuum-packed dishes and Tang to aluminium wrapped delights. The photographic project was created by Venice-based, Italian artist Giorgia Zanellato, who actually specializes in product design. Yet, this series makes it appear that these well-formed foods wrapped in aluminum foil are ready to be consumed in low gravity environments high above the earth.

Zanellato plays with the stereotype that the food that astronauts consume should be in the shape of some strange tube or pill by instead wrapping a hamburger and even a doughnut with sprinkles in foil. The foods are securely packaged with the addition of an American flag and NASA label as Zanellato ends up making a cultural statement crafting a truly Americana meal for the space cowboy.