76 Pro-Geek Innovations

 - Sep 11, 2008
Not so long ago, being dubbed a geek or nerd was one of the most socially painful nicknames one could get. No so anymore.

As this wide range of pro-geek designs shows, people are now embracing their once mocked, but now highly enviable skills.

As technology-based innovations become more integral to our daily communication, people who possess these skills are now looked up to, and these "geeks" aren’t hiding their pride for their savvy. From the high tech cell phone apps we entertain ourselves with on our smart phones, to the daily blog that helps us pay the bills, to digital video remixing we use to make viral promotions for our businesses, there’s no denying that these are tools highly covetable in modern day society.

So, to my geeks out there, celebrate your geekiness and embrace those nerdy skills, because the future belongs to us!