The Keyboard Purse, The Take-Out Handbag and The Severed Head Tote

 - Mar 28, 2007   Updated: Jun 8 2011
References: americaninventorspot
Looking for something a little different in a handbag? Try the high-tech look of João Sabino's Keyboard handbag. Or maybe you'd like something more culinary? From Accoutrements they have the Chinese Take-Out handbag. For those of you who like an edgier purse, try Yael Mer's Severed Head handbag. Everyone will be asking you where you got it.

Implications - In a society where computers and other high-tech gadgets dominate the market, they are also becoming increasingly integrated into different aspects of consumers' lives. Many consumers are seeking alternative ways to experience the high-tech movement without having to sit down and actually use a computer or gadget. Products that can generate similar feelings to those associated with technology will appeal to today's tech-obsessed market.