From Woodsy PC Peripherals to Wrist-Worn Consoles

 - Oct 17, 2009   Updated: Apr 19 2011
Keyboards are the lifeblood of today’s communication. In the past five years my WPM has increased tenfold, while simultaneously losing the ability to write in cursive.

From woodsy PC peripherals to wrist-worn consoles, check out all the clever keyboards available in this QWERTY-loving (and handwritten-hating) world.

Implications - It's no surprise that today's digitized consumer is seeking ways to inject an element of decoration into their gadgets; however, some restless techies grow tired of decals and holders, and are looking for products that take even the most easily ignored tech pieces into consideration. Thus, peripherals like keyboards and mice are getting tricked out, resulting in an age of techadence that reaches beyond function and into fashion.