'Keyboards for Blondes' Includes MySpace and Oops Keys

 - Nov 5, 2008
References: keyboardforblondes
I bring you the Keyboard for Blondes. Are you insulted, or intrigued? The first obvious point is that it’s pink, so how about it? Are you OK with that? How about the fact that the designers had some ‘fun’ with the keytops?

It has a MySpace spacebar

Enter= Yes, I want it

Delete= "Oops"

T= TC4S, too cool for school

S= "SOS", shoes on sale

There are also a variety of other cute little keytops spread all over the Keyboard for Blondes. I love that the numbers look like dice rather than plain old digits.

I think if you are blonde, you might actually want this keyboard… I think if you have a sense of humor, you will want this keyboard… I want this keyboard.