Learn to Type All Over Again with the Grippity

 - Dec 7, 2008
References: grippity & engadget
Grippity is a newly-designed keyboard that intends to change the conventional way of typing altogether.

The letters are arranged in the same manner as regular QWERTY keyboards. The big difference is that the Grippity is a rear-typing keyboard. Users hold the keyboard in their hands the same way they would a handheld video game console, with their palms facing toward the body. In this position, the keys are typed from the back.

When the Grippity is in use, two triggers act as the mouse buttons. If the keyboard is flipped over, its orientation sensor enables the 60 QWERTY keys to double as hot keys.

Grippity is a wireless keyboard that is due to hit the market in six months.

Surely, avid video gamers will find Grippity very functional. However, Grippity may not be very appealing to those who are not particularly keen on learning how to type all over again.