Datamancer's Brass Masterpiece

 - Nov 4, 2008   Updated: Jun 23 2011
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This custom made IBM Steampunk keyboard from Datamancer is elegantly chic. Brass accented with acanthus leaves, violet LEDs and a wine coloured velvet wrist pad creates a dark and mysterious feel.

According to Datamancer, the keyboard was designed for a woman, and I am imagining she is a writer. Can't you picture Anne Rice composing her vampire-inspired novels by candlelight, typing late into the night at this antique-looking keyboard?

Implications - While there is a strong demand amongst consumers in today's society for contemporary, cutting-edge products, there is an equally strong demand for products boasting vintage and retro qualities. Businesses that are able to discover innovative ways to provide both the desired style and functionality will benefit in today's consumption-hungry culture.