Actbrise Touchless Keyboard

 - Nov 3, 2007
The touchless keyboard is ideal for the physically handicapped, stiff-jointed or temporarily injured typist. The Actbrise allows users to type and surf with their heads, the device having the capability to read and decode the different motions into actions.

"By shifting your head in different directions, you enter text via the touchless keyboard and it also through these movements that you can move the mouse pointer as well, switching between documents and navigating through the world wide web," HT Lounge said. "I'm not 100% positive how the system works, but it certainly seems interesting. You might end up with a big of a headache, I'd imagine, after bobbing around for an extended session though."

The touchless keyboard is exactly what I need right now. With my arm in a sling (thanks to a Halloween rotator cuff injury), I'm filled with appreciation for having a body that functions normally. It could just be my current state, but this invention looks like it has the potential to be a revolutionary tool to engage thousands of disabled people with computers.

Sort of reminds me of Eye Passwords...