46 Outrageous Computer Keyboards

 - Feb 6, 2009
This cluster highlights a range of innovative computer keyboards, from flexible keyboards, to waterproof ones. The most likely one to impact the future of computing, however, are the projector keyboards.

These customizable keyboards can turn any surface into your typing area; better yet, they let you determine what each button means. Since it’s a projector, there is no set result for each key stroke, hence you could tailor it to your own person needs: fat hands/skinny hands, fast typer/slow typer, Roman alphabet/Arabic alphabet, etc.

Without texture, however, you would always have to look at your hands. All the typists who have mastered typing without looking would be hugely disadvantaged – wouldn't their adoption be critical for these to become mainstream? Only the future knows.

Since we’re here to look at fun inventions, for good measure, this cluster also includes a few innovations inspired by computer keyboards, as well as the tech itself. Enjoy!