Space Invader Hoodies are for the Nostalgic Nerd

 - Jul 24, 2007   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Our friends at The Cool Hunter website are selling a retro cool Space Invaders hoodie inspired by the classic arcade game.

Implications - For those who feel extremely nostalgic towards simple games and want to reminisce about the good ol' times, there's no better way than by rocking these awesome apparel pieces. There are two separate designs that can be chosen from. The first one is outfitted in black and features three of the aliens from the game in different colors. The second hoodie is also black, but it's filled with white-colored invaders. The designs are perfect for fans of old-school gaming.

Cool Hunter's apparel continues to demonstrate that the style of being a retro nerd is hot and that the 80s could be stronger than ever.