World's Ugliest Cars Rise In Value

 - Aug 28, 2007
References: businessweek
What's up with people collecting all things ugly? If you start any kind of collection, wouldn't you want it to be something aesthetically appealing? Apparently not when it comes to cars.

Business Week selected 10 of the most atrocious looking cars, most of them from the '70s, which have become favourites of car enthusiasts, a lot of whom wouldn't mind paying a pretty penny to have one of these beasts parked in their garage.

1. Chevrolet Chevette
2. Ford Edsel
3. AMC Matador
4. Chevrolet Corvair (secretly I think these are cool)
5. AMC Gremlin (the ultimate nerrrrd mobile)
6. Chevrolet Vega
7. Pontiac Aztek
8. Ford Pinto
9. Yugo
10. AMC Pacer

"McKeel Hagerty began noticing the trend a few years ago," Business Week reported. "As chief executive of Hagerty Insurance, the largest provider of insurance to classic-car collectors, Hagerty could see that the so-called 'nerd cars'â€"the ugliest of automotive beastsâ€"were nonetheless increasing in value. Ford Motor's Pinto and American Motors' Pacer and Gremlinâ€"cars that were punch lines from the decade of discoâ€"suddenly seemed hot."

Beauty really must be in the eye of the beholder.

Hagerty ordered a survey when he noticed that "what he calls 'nerd cars' were increasing in value," Business Week reported. "He was surprised when the Pacer-a notorious dud from the days of disco-topped the list. Hagerty bought himself a dark green 1976 Pacer three years ago for $2,300. 'If anyone thinks I'm picking on Pacer owners, guess what-I am one,' he says."

"Here's what one connoisseur had to say the about the top pick, American Motors' Pacer: '0 to 60 in four-and-a-half hours. AMC's only conceivable excuse for this stylistic horror would be if their design crew was tripping on massive quantities of acid...and even wouldn't be a good excuse.'"

But really, your car doesn't make you a nerd -- you either are one, or you aren't. Whatever your geek shuttle, enjoy it, and let it bring out your truest self!