Speed Cabling

 - Feb 15, 2008
References: boingboing.net
Now even the nerds can be good at sport, although I doubt this one will ever make it to the Olympics, but you never know even curling did. The sport: Speed Cabling. The Objective: see who can untangle bundles of CAT-5 Ethernet cables the fastest. The Reward: Ultimate geek glory to bestow upon your friends, and pasta dinner for 2.

The bundles of CAT-5 are created by putting a figure-8 structure into a dryer on high for a regulation of 3 minutes. This process if performed to get maximum tanglement out of the wire, as well as being unbiased. In the video BBTV takes us to the championships and gives us a one on one with some competitors and explains the sport more thoroughly.

Founded by Steven Schklone, the sports first ever championships have just concluded in LA on Feb 8th, 2008. Competitors were asked before going into preliminaries, to come up with an intimidating cabling nickname, I'm not to sure how that is going to help them with those difficult pretzel knots, but hey why not.