- Jan 9, 2009
For many people, nothing feels quite as good as slipping into a pair of comfortable denim jeans. 

Trend Hunter Magazine has featured a number of innovative jean styles like spray-on jeans and denim dollies. Retro jeans are making a comeback too--although, in some cases, we wish they wouldn’t--ripped denim from the ‘90s, acid wash jeans from the ‘80s and those ugly high-waisted jeans from the ‘70s have all made their presence known over the past few months.

When it comes to making sales, some denim manufactures are doing so by way of cutting-edge jean commercials. Levi’s may be an old company but they know how to target youth consumers with their youth sexvertising and shockvertising campaigns. 

Our most popular Trend Hunter jeans-related article was Katie Holmes wearing baggy boyfriend pants. For awhile, she sparked others to do the same. Whether boyfriend jeans are still popular or not I don’t know, but such a phenomenon has yet to occur in my neck of the woods. 

Stylish rear-hugging jeans that turn the heads of males are still popular for women. And lastly, quite a few women are thrilled to see uber-baggy man jeans on their way out, in favor of jeans that accentuate the male derrière. A good of example of that trend making a comeback is Brad Pitt donning a pair of Edwin Jeans--delicious!

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