Acid Wash Jeans

 - Nov 13, 2008
References: denimology
In viewing the Freedom of Choice Spring 2009 Denim Collection, I was reminded of just how old I am because a popular 80’s fashion was staring me in the face: acid wash jeans, the kind that were stuffed (I hated folding) in my dresser drawers as a teen.

"There are so many denim brands out there that it can be difficult for new young labels to make a name for themselves. One company that is doing just that thanks to a great collection of jeans and some distinctive photos is Freedom Of Choice. Here is a sneak peek at their Sprint 2009 ad campaign." - Denimology User AndyK

I think the Freedom of Choice jeans are very hip and fashionable. The company's timing couldn’t have been more perfect either, recycling 20-year-old fashions is the norm. 

As much as I adore Freedom of Choice acid wash jeans, I won’t be wearing them due to the unwritten "If you wore the style twenty years ago, don’t do it again because you’ll look foolish" rule. 

However, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot of teens and 20-somethings wearing them throughout next year.