Denim You Don't Wash

 - Jan 30, 2007
References: nudiejeans
If your anything like me, the comeback of the 80's high-waisted jean is a rather daunting trend. But here's one pair of jeans that will make jumping on the bandwagon a little bit easier. NEWDIE'S! These slim fit denims are known for their "don't wash" policy. The more you move in em, stuff the pockets, even sweat in them...the more these jeans become one of a kind. The distressed look is certainly no new concept, but what about doing it yourself. The longer you hold back from throwing them in the wash, the sooner you will have a pair of jeans that are all your own. Just be careful what you keep in your pockets because these pants form fit to you and your carry-on. These boy cut indigo's are gaining popularity among men and woman alike, and not washing them for a year is a catchy selling feature. Who doesn't want to run around in jeans that are like second skin. For once, falling behind on laundry has become an fashion statement! Sign me up!