- Oct 25, 2011
Vogue is famously known around the world as the best in high fashion, even being regarded as the Fashion Bible by die-hard fashionistas, and Vogue UK is a true trailblazer when it comes to the fashion that trickles down to the pages of Vogue editions in many other countries.

One of the four fashion capitals of the world (the others being Milan, Paris and New York), the magazine is published in London and features some of the best editorials that the fashion world is exposed to every month. Vogue UK also hosts some of the biggest and most famous models in the world, including regularly featuring perhaps the most well-known British model on the planet, Kate Moss.

Check out this gallery of Vogue UK photoshoots for a look into some breath-taking high fashion.

From Disney-Inspired Femme Fatales to Fish Scale Fashion: