Daphne Guinness Rocks Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes in Public First

The sky-high claw-shaped Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes you see in the gallery above sparked a fashion frenzy when the designer’s Spring 2010 line was unveiled, and Daphne Guinness is the first fashionista to officially rock these shoes in public.

Despite their unusual shape and towering 10" heel, these Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes have pleased as many shoe fetishists as they’ve p*ssed off. After Lady Gaga rocked them in her ‘Bad Romance’ video, the race began to be the first photographed in these mega heels in public. At the launch of the NARS 15X15 book project in New York, Daphne Guinness took that title. Would you brave this daring footwear on a night out?

Additional Image Credits: Vogue UK and Vogue UK.