From Scottish Skate Shoes to Mousey High Tops

 - Nov 3, 2011
The footwear giants Vans have enjoyed enduring success among the comfort-loving public. Although many of these vivacious Vans are skater-centric, their undeniably eye-popping aesthetics are potent enough to seduce footwear fans from all walks of life. From cheeseburger-inspired kicks to moccasin skate shoes, the company Vans is known for pushing the stylistic envelope.

This insatiable curiosity and unburdened creativity that Vans seems to possess may very well be the reason for the company's unprecedented success. Tapping into the notoriously fickled teenage demographic, Vans has always fed this group's need for rapid stylistic changes as well as their underlying need for familiarity. Although Vans takes on numerous aesthetic changes, the body of the shoe remains relatively constant. High tops maintain their iconic silhouette and the classic slip-ons remain as low maintenance and comfy as ever. Vans has figured out how to be trendy and classic all in the same breath.

Anyone of these vivacious Vans are sure to be the perfect fit for style-conscious feet.