From Secret Agent Chambers to Deep Sea Vacation Dwellings

 - May 11, 2012
If you, like many people before you who have created these unconventional lodgings, are looking for more than a standardized hotel room with a predictable and traditional experience, you're in luck. The hotel industry has experienced some vast changes that have brought it well into, and beyond, the accommodation demands of the 21st century. With hotels that must have taken the wildest of imaginations to think up, these intergalactic, luxurious and daring hotels are set to blow your mind.

Catering to the ever-increasing demand of high-paying clients looking for the latest, newest and cutting-edge experience, hotels have responded with hugely exciting hostels, inns and lodgings. Whether you want to lie on a beach, dive off a cliff, or just relax in a unique setting, these unconventional lodgings hold a little something for everyone.