The Casa Gangotena Gets a $10 Million Facelift

The Casa Gangotena mansion is the ultimate in luxury. After a long-awaited four years (and $10 million of revamps) the mansion located in Ecuador is opening its doors once more.

While this mansion may be new and revamped, the city it's located in is anything but new. The UNESCO World Heritage city named Quito has a long and colorful history that extends all the way back to the time of the Incas. The three-story building was constructed as home in 1534. Since then, the renaissance-inspired abode has been converted into a hotel and has been outfitted with spoils such as modern furniture (that is custom-made, of course) as well as many other luxe touches to make guests have the experience of a lifetime.

Casa Gangotena is a place I'm sure many will be left drooling over.