- Aug 24, 2009   Updated: Apr 14 2011
There are many ways to decorate your home, and adding cushions to your bed or sofa can be the fastest and easiest way to do so.

From wrinkle-banishing pillowcase and heated body pillows to heat-sensitive cushions and pillows that tone your bum, here are 93 unconventional cushions you can add to your home décor.

Implications - A cushion isn't just a cushion anymore. Consumers want to lie back, hug or throw the most unconventional of pillows -- and designers are taking notice. Offbeat shapes, colors and themes are coming to the foreground, offering consumers a whimsical and nontraditional way to spruce up their homes. Home decor no longer seems to center on classic and subtle design.

From MP3 Pillows to Recycled Clothes Cushions: