Throwboy's Cushions Feature 'OMG,' 'n00b' and 'FTW'

 - Aug 23, 2009   Updated: Jun 1 2011
References: throwboy & gizmodo
Throwboy's Chat Pillows are perfect for the n00b in your life. Emblazoned with chat phrases like 'OMG,' 'WTF,' 'O RLY?' and 'FTW,' they're a perfect addition to any Internet addict's interior decor.

We've featured a number of pillows and cushions that bring the Internet and computers into interior design--many of which were designed by Throwboy. Check out some of my favorite nerdalicious pillows below.

Implications - The ability to take a product concept and redesign it to mimic something from popular culture can help to attract attention. Through using tactics that reference familiar motifs, products and services are more likely to become instantly understood and accepted by mass culture. Paying attention to trends within popular culture can help all companies ensure they stay current with their designs and services.