The d-light Illuminated Pillow

 - Sep 7, 2008
References: dianalindesign & gadgetmiss
D-light Huggable pillows were created by Diana Lin Design from Boulder, Colorado. Diana Lin used sunlight as her inspiration for the cushions. The intention was that the glowing pillows would be used by people not only in the night time, but during cold, dark months when sunlight is at a minimum.

Inside the cosy d-light Huggable pillow's furry cover is a number of translucent silicone balls filled with white LED lamps. They can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a 6 volt AC adaptor. When used with 250MAH rechargeable AA batteries, the cushions stay bright and glowing for approximately 4 hours before slowly fading, describes the designer.

The fun Huggable pillows are 12.5 x 12.5, available in pink, gold and white, and cost $160 on the Diana Lin Design website.