Detergent-Free Washing

 - Aug 28, 2007
Washing your dirty scrubs in an eco-friendly way seems to be the new fad among the environmentally friendly. Germany company, eVisionTeam has launched it's "Öko-Waschkissen," or "eco-laundry pillow" that will forever eliminate your need for laundry detergent.

The little ceramic marbles inside the wash pillow (seen on the pillow in the photo) clean your clothes through movement instead of the traditional chemical way. Best of all, it's gentle enough to use on hand wash items, and at any temperature.

Now you can have clean clothes without hurting the environment, sacrificing your health, or thinning your wallet. Ideal for every household, especially for those who have allergies and skin sensitivities. The 11x11 cm pillow is easily portable, so you can take it along whenever you crash away from your pad.

You'll get about 1,000 loads out of each 46 Euro pillow, so the laundry cushion won't just save environmental damage, but it'll go easy on your wallet too.