Getting Down and Dirty with Soaps and Detergents

 - May 12, 2009
According to an ancient Roman legend, soap got its name from sacrificial Mount Sapo. After animals were sacrificed by fire, rain washed a mixture of tallow and wood ash into the clay soil along the Tiber River. Women found that this made washing easier.

Many modern soaps still use that basic formula, but the sudsy truth doesn’t end there. Some plants have been found to have surfactant properties and are popular with greenies as soap.

Thanks to the clever nature of human beings, the range of ‘soaps’ isn’t limited to the ‘ordinary.’ There is breast milk soap and soap made with precious materials. Soaps can be molded into a variety of shapes and colored to fit every mood, size or application, from tiny hands to birds’ eggs. And that’s before we begin to consider more industrial formulations.

So you don’t work yourself into a confused lather, we’ve put together the following Trend Hunter finds for your cleansing pleasure.