'Poo Your 'Do Like The Celebs

 - Aug 9, 2007
References: allwomenstalk
Forget regular shampoo, your Herbal Essence isn't going to cut it anymore! For really shiny hair you'll need to smother your head in truffles and caviar.

I know most can't afford the delicacies to eat let alone think about using it as a hair product but a salon in London called Hari's uses fish eggs flown in from Iran, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

Your locks are first washed first with a truffle-based shampoo. Then caviar is piled on, combed in and left to set. The fish eggs are pureed prior to use to eradicate the fishy odor. Each treatment apparently costs around 400$.

And it looks like this roe rave is popular with celebs. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a big fan of the gourmet grooming.

I wonder if they serve crackers too so you can snack on your head while you are waiting?