Customizable Love Letter Panties, Heart Soap, LED Cards

Lovers of DIY and Valentine’s Day shoppers who can never find a gift with the right sentiment should be pleased to know that the perfect gift is at the touch of your fingertips. A little elbow grease might be involved. 

First up, the Love Letter Panty by Bestowboutique is 100% cotton with satin ribbon closures and can be personalized by using the enclosed fabric pen to scribble your own sentiment. The question is, do you keep it simple & sweet or raunch it up a bit?

Want something a little less conventional? Try the beating soapy love heart by Instructables- a mix of LED, glycerin, fragrance oil and hot glue. Go ahead, give her your heart this year.

Embrace your inner nerd and make a LED Heart Valentine’s Day card that twinkles. For those of you still using your nerd-training wheels, don’t worry - Nerdkits offers the materials (as well as instructions).

The great thing about a DIY gift is that little mistakes add quirk and character. Don’t worry about creating the perfect gift, just do the best you can!