The Giant Nose for Liquid Soap

 - Aug 26, 2008   Updated: Apr 6 2011
Yup, perfect for the local YMCA. This giant nose dispenses dripping gel that you smear all over your body. Just be careful if there is a "lotion" dispenser where you don't expect it. I wonder if you pick it, will it bleed?

This does rank up there with the giant nose tissue dispenser, snot hair gel and snot pockets.

Implications - Why be serious when you can have a little fun with decor? This soap is one of the many home products that have a playful quality injected into them. Designer dispensers and items are great, but they are often too expensive for the average consumer. As a way to lure potential buyers, businesses are being clever and creating amusing items that cater to design-savvy, lighthearted and budget-conscious consumers.