iDonut, iSwitch, iSoap on a Roap

 - Mar 4, 2008   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: coroflot
In the beginning there was i. And the Apple said this is good. iMac came, and it was better. Then came iPod, and it was good, iPhone, and Apple said, this is "GREAT." So the hot designers Laurence Sarrazine and Eric Ludlum anticipate the iDonut, iSoap-on-a-rope, iSwitch.

Implications - Some companies, like Apple, Coca-Cola, LEGO, or Marlboro, have extended their influence beyond their initially intended industry, solidifying themselves as pop icons. Though this is what every company is created in hopes of achieving, there is still some backlash. Companies would be wise to take criticism and parodies with a grain of salt, as it truly is a sign that they have reached iconic status.