QWERTY Keyboard Pillow For The True Computer Addict

 - Apr 6, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: geeky-gadgets
Just what every power internet surfer needs: the keyboard pillow. The prototype keyboard rests on top of a luxurious pillow. It's perfect for the work-at-home geeks who never get out of their pajamas because they aren't really sure what time of day it is.

If the FedEx guy comes to the door, forget the creases in your face, he'll be looking at the QWERTY impressed on your forehead!

Implications - In the digital computer age, it is the rare consumer who doesn't own at least one personal computing device, if not more. This computer-centric society has created a market for countless products and accessories related to excessive computer use. Computers are so important to consumers, that the way in which they are decorated and accessorized is a reflection of personal style.