From QWERTY Notebooks to $2,800 Peripherals

 - Jul 4, 2012
Despite the intense move toward streamlined tech, keyboards remain relevant no matter how minimalist gadgets are becoming.

Almost always resembling the same QWERTY style, it's amazing and surprising how many makeovers the typing pad has undergone. While some designs go forth with futuristic style, others stand out because of their retro typewriter-inspired feel. Frequently moving toward more user-friendly features, like noiseless type pads or waterproof keys, this is a sector of innovation that is clearly in touch with the needs of consumers.

Some of the newer keyboards churning out feature keys specifically configured to work with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, reflecting the way in which this inevitable piece of technology remains consistently up-to-date with the needs of gadget users. From incredibly useful to downright decorative, the QWERTY industry is seemingly ever-changing.